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  1. Hi–how can I get some seeds to plant!!??

    • We just installed a seed hub at 1830 University Avenue in St. Paul. It’s bright yellow, located at the entrance to Episcopal Homes. Is that a convenient location for you? If not, we have two Sunflower Revolution events happening in May where we will be giving away seed packets: SHORE in Richfield and EcoArts Fest on Harriet Island. Both events are posted on our website. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm!

      Low tech/high joy collaborative

    • Hello! Are you in the Twin Cities? If so, the seed HUB is up and full of seed packets to take. It’s at 1830 University Avenue, at the entrance to Episcopal Homes. If you are out of town, end us your address. We may sneak a seed packet in the mail to you.

      low tech/high joy collaborative

  2. Mary McCarthy says:

    Hello, Low Tech High Joy! Mom Mom lives in Seabury. In fact, her picture is on your blog for the Sewing Workshop post. Your project is fantastic, and I am loving watching what you are doing. My mom sent me some seeds, and I’ve planted almost all of them, including a bit of guerrilla gardening. I will be visiting her in July and hope to see your work in person!

    I am in the process of starting my own nature-based programs for people with physical and cognitive challenges. You are an inspiration. Thank you for the work you do!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks so much for liking what we do! Karen and I had such a great time working with everyone at Seabury; it’s a fantastic community filled with vibrant, welcoming folks.

      Please keep us informed about the nature-based programs you’re working on. We love to stay in touch with kindred spirits!


      low tech/high joy collaborative

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