30,000 sunflower seeds coming soon to a neighborhood near you!




Seed Hub & little revolutionary


Mammoth Grey Sunflower


We just received 10 pounds of  Mammoth Grey sunflower seeds, this year’s choice for the Sunflower Revolution. The Mammoth Grey is a bright yellow sunflower with a yellow center that grows up to 12 feet tall with heads 12″ across. These sunflowers are huge!

We’ll be dispersing these seeds by Wednesday, May 27th via two Seed Hubs located along The Green Line in St. Paul. One Hub will be at the entrance to Episcopal Homes’ main campus, located on Fairview & University at 1830 University Ave. W. The second Hub will be at Episcopal Homes’ Kings Crossing on Dale & University at 500 Dale St.

Both hubs will be installed and filled with 500 artist-designed seed packets, free for the community.  Take a packet, plant some giant, bossy and beautiful sunflowers in your neighborhood and be a part of the revolution!

This project couldn’t happen without the Community Arts grant we received from Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.  We still need to raise a couple hundred dollars of matching funds to receive all of our funding from MRAC.  Please consider donating today!    

For PayPal donations go here. Send your donation to lowtech.highjoy@gmail.com via the “friends and family” option.

 Any amount is lovely. 









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