Sunflower sketches


Tracing a sugar cookie to make a sunflower


sunflower still-life


sunflowers, cookies & Sharpies


drawing studio

From simple beginnings a few years ago in Karen’s front yard, the Sunflower Revolution has grown into a combination of creating artist-designed seed packets, seed sharing, social practice & community building.  Now we closely collaborate with the fabulous staff and residents of Episcopal Homes to make and disperse 500 seed packets to the broader community.

This past Friday we hosted two Meet & Greets on the Episcopal Homes Campus to let more residents know about this season’s Sunflower Revolution.  During the meeting we also led an informal drawing studio as part of a call for sunflower artwork.  The winning drawing will be silk screened onto every seed packet that we’ll be creating in the coming weeks.

We are so thrilled to be continuing the Sunflower Revolution within the Episcopal Homes community this year.  The residents are a lively group of active seniors always ready to try new things, inquisitive about all aspects of our collaborative and eager to share the Sunflower Revolution with their neighbors.

This project couldn’t happen without the Community Arts grant we received from Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.  We still need to raise a few hundred dollars of matching funds to receive all of our funding from MRAC.  Please consider donating today!    

For PayPal donations go here. Send your donation to via the “friends and family” option.

 Any amount is fabulous. 


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