Two queens and a titan

Since last year’s Sunflower Revolution we’ve shared a few extra special seed packets for community gardens and other revolutionaries.  In an effort to interact more with our fellow citizens we created Test Plot Packets where individuals agree to plant the seeds, keep a record of failures and successes during the growing season and report back to us with their findings. It’s a relatively low-impact way to stay connected and give folks a chance to be citizen scientists.

This season’s sunflower varieties were selected for specific qualities: Lemon Queen is great for pollinators, Velvet Queen has the coolest name and Titan is super giant.

Short on time, we asked Melissa, an expert quilter, to help sew up a couple Test Plot Packets for our Frogtown Farm event this past weekend. She happily sewed them up while we chatted about the Sunflower Revolution’s mission to get people to plant seeds far and wide, in unusual places and neglected spaces. Then Melissa shared a similar project she started in central Minnesota a few years back involving bluebirds.  Along with neighbors and friends she built about 50 bird houses every year until the bluebird population was thriving again.  She’s our people.


Test Plot Packets


simple instructions for citizen scientists



Melissa at work on the test plot packets


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