This year the Sunflower Revolution begins in Frogtown


Lemon Queen Sunflower in full bloom at Test Plot #1, Silverwood Park, 2014.


This Saturday from 2-4p low tech/high joy collaborative will be at Frogtown Farm‘s event Bring in the Spring!

We’ll be giving away artist-designed sunflower seed packets. Stop by our table, color a packet, put a scoop of seeds in it & seal it with a low tech/high joy sticker. Then you’ll be ready for May’s warm weather & put those seeds in the ground to have yourself  a sunflower-filled summer.

We’ll also be leading a printing activity using cut veggies and paint, creating beautiful shapes and patterns with the simplest materials. Join us!

Here’s a peek at some other action at Bring in the Spring!, excerpted from Frogtown Farm’s website:

“We are celebrating our year of the soil with activities, food, music and giveaways! Sow your first seeds for your spring garden with Master Gardener, Norma Roberts-Hakizimana. Prepare seed bombs for your favorite pollinators with Egg Plant Urban Farm Supply. Visit with worms and learn how to compost with Eureka. Make your own seed art and enjoy our live music! A free meal will be provided by Youth Farm.

Help us kick off the 2015 season and learn about what we are up to this year. We want your feedback. We will have farm goodies, so come early!”

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