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This was one of those conversations that we looked forward to with sheer excitement: Levi Weinhagen, the man who almost got Fart Joke programming to happen at The Walker Art Center.  He’s been the catalyst behind many other funny, weird, subversive happenings so we understand if every idea doesn’t rise to the top.

Here’s a short list:

  • co-producer and joke-maker at The Encyclopedia Show, a monthly variety show at Keiran’s Pub
  • First ever Artist in Residence for the Education Dept. at The Walker
  • founder of Comedy Suitcase, a theatrical production company
  • arts writer for KnightArts, St. Paul

We first got to know Levi through his podcast Pratfalls of Parenting.  He interviewed us individually about our creative lives, our parenting lives and how they don’t work so well together sometimes. Since then, we’ve been connecting through social media until it was decided that we should all just be social.  As in meet at a specific location at a specific time and talk for a bit. Some of the work that low tech does intersects with Levi’s projects so we had a few points on the agenda.

We all met on a sunny Monday morning at Victor’s 1959 cafe, ready for coffee and good Cuban grub.  It was one hour filled up with rapid fire topics & boisterous laughter, punctuated by thoughtful insights on why art institutions need more mischief.

Our discussion veered from bicycling perils in Miami, to our kooky brand of formalized hospitality, to why our kids need to wear clothes when leaving the house.

Pie is good.

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