It’s just pie

Here’s what’s on our pie roster for the next month or so:

  • On Thursday a blueberry pie will be delivered to North Dakota
  • In early March there will be an apple pie baked for a comedian
  • And after that, a key lime pie given to a new mom

Recently, we’ve decided to disclose the motivation behind The Pie Project to our recipients.  So now we send along this note a few days before our conversation to help explain our process and answer a few questions.

What to expect when you’re expecting a pie

We will be meeting with you soon to have a pie and a conversation as part of our ongoing Pie Project. We just wanted to give you an idea about what it all means.

These chats are open-ended, informal and well, conversational. We usually have a few inquiries about you and your work simply because we are interested in you and your work/life/creative pursuits. We welcome you to do the same. Consider it more an exchange of ideas, struggles and exciting new paths rather than a formal interview or intense networking opportunity.

The Pie Project was borne out of our primal need to connect with other humans in an intentional way. We wanted to push ourselves to carve out time and attention to get to know our community, one pie at a time. That’s it really.

So sometimes we publish images and content relating to our conversations. And, of course, we always respect your privacy if you prefer not to go that route.

Our best,

Marlaine & Karen

pie slice

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