Losing is for winners

Here’s all the not-winners from our Pie Raffle at The Nash Gallery this fall.


There were only two “winners” for this raffle, which meant we baked the winner’s favorite pie and engaged in a leisurely conversation. How can we call all the rest losers, even though they filled out raffle tickets that were so funny, insightful, provocative and a little enigmatic?

Filling out the raffle ticket was easy enough. We asked participants to fill in the blanks; simple stuff like name, contact info, favorite pie, dietary restrictions.  And one question about what they wanted to talk about during our conversation.

And here are some of the beautiful, heartbreaking, ridiculous queries scrawled on tiny raffle tickets with golf pencils.  Thank you, fellow humans, for your honesty and your wit.  Because showing up and participating is where all the winners are.

I would love to talk about_________and___________with low tech/high joy collaborative.

  • sunlight, reflection and shadows
  • women’s sexuality
  • canning and quilting
  • being a working artist
  • the pros and cons of being fat since the age of 7
  • DIY tarot and happiness outside the art gallery
  • what’s bothering you, other important matters, also puppies
  • UFO’s
  • coming into my own after kids and being terrified of it (and stepping into the new)
  • sex and pie
  • cooking traditions and eating disorders
  • writing’s therapeutic properties and video games
  • senior community centers and bakery leftovers
  • women artists over 45 continuing to make work and develop ideas
  • dance and neck pain
  • sexual frustration
  • the multiverse theory and favorite types of cereal
  • where to find local/organic rhubarb this time of year
  • sunflowers! and baseball
  • anything-maybe peaches
  • pies and dinosaurs


We love you.







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