Lucky 13

lucky 13Lucky 13 is a bar in San Francisco known for its canned beer, billiards and punk rock juke box.  One time, during a heated game of pool, a Jack Russell terrier jumped up on the table and stole the cue ball in mid-play.  People freaked out, the dog was chased around the bar until the ball was retrieved and then the dog was 86’d until it returned properly leashed.

That story came to mind while counting how many grants our collaborative has applied for in the last year or so: 13.  And how, twenty years ago, that dive bar shifted the negative meaning of the number 13 into something else; something as ridiculous as a dog, in one heroic obsessive leap, changing the game.

So as we sit and stew about whether or not this 13th grant will pull through in the clutch, we’ll be conjuring a tiny dog’s tenacity in a dark bar, 90’s punk rock on the juke box and stymied humans, not believing their PBR eyes.




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