The many steps of pie stenciling

Our Pie Project installation at The Nash Gallery on the University of Minnesota campus just got tagged: as in a row of five red pies spray painted across the pink wall.

Back in September when we were assembling the ‘pie station’ in the gallery, the unsettling desire for something like wallpaper border started brewing.  We had this image from the *pie raffle tickets created by ace designer Will Pike and thought it would do nicely as a stencil:

pie slice

With the **help of Anthony Kling, master of The XYZ Lab at The U of M, a stencil was created using the CNC laser cutter:


Stencil cut from scrap DNA gel film.

And finally, with a ladder, some tape, a few sheets of craft paper and a leaky can of red spray paint we made a few pie stencils on the pink wall while the gallery was closed.

photo-2 piestencil6photo-5


And voilà!  The pie station is properly tagged.


*pie raffle tickets:  You too can win a pie of your choice and a conversation with us through December 14th at The Nash Gallery.  Just visit the gallery, fill out a ticket and drop it in the mason jar provided.  There will be one more drawing before the show closes in December.

**help:  Anthony manipulated the pie image using Illustrator and Photoshop so that the stencil did not fall to pieces when cut.  Usually, people come to The XYZ Lab with the image ready to go.  However, since we are a low tech operation our stencil making skills lean towards a Sharpie and some white acrylic paint.  Anthony graciously did that part for us, with a computer.  See what else he does here: ARK



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