4 women bake 137 cakes in 90 hours

The post title sounds more like a word problem that we wish we had in elementary school:

If 4 women bake 137 cakes in 90 hours how many hours will it take 16 women to bake 200 cakes?

However, the four women who did indeed bake that many cakes in that many hours are real.  We came across Brown Council, the collective behind this domestic endurance test, in the art21 blog archives:

Mass Action: 137 cakes in 90 hours by Brown Council

In August 2012, the Sydney-based performance collective Brown Council embarked on a monumental project involving the production of 137 cakes in 90 hours. The four members of the collective–Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Smith–set out to back every recipe in the Country Women’s Association cookbook Jam Drops and Marble Cake, “pushing the domestic task of baking into a grotesque spectacle of extreme proportions.” The collective baked all of the cakes with five hours to spare over four sleepless nights. —M. F.”  Megan Fizell at Feasting on Art

And from Brown Council‘s site:

Within the civic space of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) headquarters in Sydney’s Potts Point, Brown Council will bake around the clock for 90 hours in an attempt to cook every recipe in the iconic CWA cookbook Jam Drops and Marble Cake. Paying tribute to CWA’s 90-year history, dedicated to the empowerment of women, this monumental feat will explore culturally embedded notions of ‘women’s work’ and the importance of intergenerational dialogue.

This sleepless four-day event will culminate in a cake-judging tournament in which certified CWA and Land Cookery judge Alison Mutton will put Brown Council’s efforts to the test. This will be followed by an afternoon tea for CWA members and invited guests.

And here’s a video Brown Council produced about Mass Action:

How can we make a Brown Council/low tech pie marathon mash-up happen?



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