Leave it to the experts

From seed sharing to soil remediation, from pollinators to pie crusts to laser cutting there is always someone who has more expertise than what our collaboration can bring to the table.  And sometimes not knowing everything is a bit of a roadblock.  How can we run a workshop on screen printing if we barely know how to ourselves?  How can we teach others about saving and sharing sunflower seeds when we are just learning the process?  How can we build a shanty out of wood if one of us has an unnatural fear of circular saws?

The answer, like so many answers in our collaborative, is simple.  We do it anyway.  And sometimes we ask for help and sometimes we leave it to the experts.  And sometimes, by muddling through an activity together, we all become experts.

Like this coming Saturday, Sept. 20th from 11a-1p at  Silverwood Park’s annual event Field Trip!  We’ll be sewing up packets and sharing the seeds from our sunflower harvest for folks to plant next season.  Join us and share some knowledge, some seeds and some joy!


When we do leave it to the experts here’s our list of pros we love.

For participating in a national pollinator count database: The Great Sunflower Project

For getting local about your honeybee education: The Beez Kneez  

For becoming a citizen scientist by helping local researchers catch bees: Minnesota Bumble Bee Survey

For seed saving and sharing: Seed Savers Exchange

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