Elevated Thought

As low tech/high joy gears up for the opening reception of thinking making living this Friday we are making pies, pacing and chuckling about this quote from Rebecca Solnit.

Excerpted from her essay Woolf’s Darkness: Embracing the Inexplicable

During my years as an art critic, I used to joke that museums love artists the way that taxidermists love deer, and something of that desire to secure, to stabilize, to render certain and definite the open-ended, nebulous, and adventurous work of artists is present in many who work in the confinement sometimes called the art world.

During the run of the show we hope to have many open-ended, nebulous and adventurous conversations in Amanda Lovelee’s Elevated Structure for Elevated Thought, a beautifully rustic shanty smack in the middle of the gallery.  Join us!

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