Sunflower Revolution in full bloom!



Lemon Queen Sunflower at Silverwood Test Plot. St. Anthony, MN



Taiyo Sunflower at Fairshare Farm, SE Minneapolis

It’s so exciting to see the sunflowers start to blossom; the varieties chosen for the low tech blend are pretty fun.  Lemon Queen (above) is nearly twelve feet tall with multiple blooms and it’s a bee and butterfly magnet.  Teddy Bear (below left) is bright yellow, short, fuzzy and adorable.  Taiyo (left),  a Japanese heirloom, has a large single head per stalk and it’s orange- yellow with a big, brown velvety center.

Send some pics and we’ll post them!


Teddy Bear Sunflower in South Minneapolis


More Lemon Queens in South Minneapolis



Sunflower Revolution happening in Springfield, MO











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