A great run

The Seed Hub will be coming down this week after a great run with our community collaborators at Episcopal Homes.  Paul Hagen, Communications Director at Episcopal Homes, took the time to come to our celebration and capture this moment.   He also recently updated the EH Facebook page with the post, ‘Epilog: Sunflower Revolution 2014’ which he so thoughtfully laid out with the seed packet and letter.  And, he planted sunflower seeds!

SFR Day 5-16-14

Sunflower Revolution Party, May 16, 2014 Episcopal Homes Photo: Paul Hagen


Recent Facebook Post by Paul Hagen

Here’s the terrific letter that Karen wrote:

Dear Episcopal Homes and residents of Seabury, Cornelia House and King’s Crossing,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us into your home and community to create The Sunflower Revolution 2014.

Your participation and collaboration in our art project made it possible for us to disperse 450 sunflower seed packets to the broader community.  We enjoyed working with you all immensely, and want to thank those of you who participated in the seed packet design contest, the screen printing workshops, the sewing and assembly workshops and the celebration party.

A few highlights were :  Jim Daly and the care he took with the artwork design for the packet.  Marion (last name?) for the fun she brought to the packet filling day.  Susan Evans and Ben Li (last name), for running the packet folding station, Alice (last name) for correcting the problem we discovered with seeds falling out of the packets, Linda (last name), JC (last name) and (2 other women sewed- one Asian, the other tall, thin with short grey hair) for their sewing expertise, Irv Williams and ? for providing us with music for our celebration, and Loretta (last name) for her donation of sunflower buttons for the Seed Hub (and her general humor during the workshops).  We wish we could list everyone’s name who helped us out , but know that those of you who worked with us or even just stopped to visit during the workshops brightened our day and made this year’s Sunflower Revolution very high joy!

We will have a photo book made soon of all the time we spent at Seabury.  Keep your eyes on the look out for it sometime in July!  We hope to see you next year for the Revolution!

Karen and Marlaine

low tech/high joy collaborative

Sunflower Revolution Artwork Winner

Letter to Jim Daly by Andrea Erickson

Andrea Erickson, Service Coordinator at Episcopal Homes and our right hand woman, did so much to make our project a success.  She created beautiful Sunflower Revolution flyers to let the residents know about events, screen printed, sewed and helped plan workshops and events.  And, she penned this lovely note to Jim Daly, congratulating him on being selected as the seed packet artist.

And here’s what it says:

Congratulations Jim Daly on being our winner for the Sunflower Revolution art contest!  Your charming rendering will grace 450 sunflower seed packets that will be distributed to Episcopal Homes family and friends in addition to the surrounding neighborhood.  We hope that together we can truly start a Sunflower Revolution!  The artwork you created embodies the spirit of nature and summer while have dynamic balance; it will be appreciated by many.

Kudos to you!

Karen, Marlaine & Andrea

Many thanks to everyone who helped along the way.  We’re setting our sights on the next revolution!



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