So, this is what 15,000 sunflower seeds look like…


Taiyo Sunflower grows up to 6′ high


Teddy Bear Sunflower grows up to 24″ high


Lemon Queen Sunflower grows up to 10′ high

The seeds arrived last week from, all 15,000 of them in one small package!  For this season’s Revolution we decided on a low tech blend of seeds, each variety chosen for a particular reason.

Taiyo is a Japanese heirloom, with 12″ heads and velvety brown centers.  This variety was chosen to honor Masanobu Fukuoka, a farmer, philosopher and the re-inventor of seed bombing, an ancient practice of greening damaged landscapes.

Teddy Bear was chosen specifically for the residents at Episcopal Homes, our community collaborator for the grant.  While meeting with the residents at the senior housing facility they requested a smaller variety of sunflower that could be planted in pots on their balconies.  These yellow-orange 4-6″ blooms are great for cut flowers.

Lemon Queen is the flower of choice for bee trackers over at  This group hosts a pollinator database, encouraging widespread participation in counting bee populations.  This sunflower grows up to 10′ high with multiple lemon-yellow blooms and chocolatey centers.

Sunflowers Soon!



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