Seed Packet Artwork Selected!

Daly's sunflower will be printed on 450 seed packets this spring.

Artist:  Jim Daly, resident at Episcopal Homes-Seabury

We’re gearing up for the fourth iteration of the Sunflower Revolution, a seed sharing project focused on creating unique artist-designed seed packets to disperse within the community.  Our collaborative encourages people to plant sunflowers beyond their boundaries, creating bright, harmless graffiti in the urban environment.

Through a grant from Irrigate Arts we’re collaborating with the staff and residents at Episcopal Homes, a senior housing facility on Fairview and University in St. Paul, MN.  The residents are involved in every step of the project, from designing the art to printing the packets to assembling, sewing, filling, sealing and distributing the packets.

Last week we selected a seed packet design from an open call for entries within the Episcopal Homes community.  Jim Daly, a resident of Seabury and avid photographer, submitted the winning design.  His sunflower drawing will be screen printed on 450 seed packets to be dispersed in the Twin Cities this spring.

On two Saturdays in April we are facilitating workshops for the residents at Episcopal Homes to print and assemble the seed packets.

In May we are hosting a public gathering at Episcopal Homes to give away the seed packets to the larger community.  During the event we’ll plant sunflower seeds on the property and install a Sunflower Revolution Hub at the University Avenue where seed packets will be available to passersby through June.  Hooray!


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