A non-committal exploratory conversation


The low tech team recently braved December’s first bitterly cold day to deliver pies in exchange for a “non-committal exploratory conversation”.  In the parking ramp we nearly fumbled both pies but heroically recovered amidst shrieking and horrified gasps.

We met with Scott Stulen and Sarah Schultz at The Walker Art Center to discuss our recent residency at TuckUnder Projects and what we’re scheming for the future.  We explored big ideas, the vagaries of archiving food, the merits of simple language, why no one reads instructions and how much sod gets destroyed at Rock the Garden.

After our meeting Karen & I had the realization that the Pie Coupons, started as a Hail Mary to get people to attend the final night of look(again), have morphed into a fully formed project.

We have sixteen more pies to bake and sixteen more meandering, enlightening conversations to look forward to.

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