Residency Ends Soon!!!

In the FINAL NIGHT of their six-month project, look(again), low tech/high joy collaborative celebrates the culmination of their time spent in TuckUnder’s yard.  The artists reposition the 7 orange scopes in an arc, facing inward toward a bonfire in recognition of the final cycle of their residency and acknowledgement of the coming shift in seasons.  Visitors will view the fire through the scopes and also become part of the set to view.

Come celebrate with low tech/high joy at TuckUnder Projects (5120 York Ave, Mpls) on Thursday, October 17, 6-9 pm to celebrate the end of the residency.

Join the fun of gazing into the bonfire.  See something new through the scopes.

Hunting Station:  Grab a flashlight!  Find Raspberry Jam (hand made with love by low tech/high joy from TuckUnder’s own berries) in the raspberry patch.  Search for set-ups from the residency that remain in the yard.

Burning Station:  Toss a dried sunflower head into the fire.  Write a note and burn it.  Bring a page from a book to ignite.

Sunflower Revolution   In May, low tech/high joy launched the Sunflower Revolution to generate a sense of connectedness between the citizens of communities, neighborhoods and cities through the simple act of planting sunflower seeds.  Hand printed seed packets are available at Tuck Under for visitors to take throughout the residency (Limited packets remain).

The Sunflower Revolution will live again in 2014 along the Light Rail on University Avenue in St. Paul. Seed packets will be available in spring 2014 at a location to be determined.  Stay in touch with low tech/high joy on facebook to find out where.


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