low tech/high joy gathering on August 1, 2013 @ TuckUnder

A reception will be held at TuckUnder Projects on Thursday, August 1, 6-9 pm, and the residency will run through November 2013. 

In the third phase of their six-month exterior project look (again), low tech/high joy artists Marlaine Cox and Karen Kasel continue to explore a conceptual community partnership that combines organic growth, metal sculpture, participatory distribution and viewership.

The artists reposition the scopes around the yard as they continue to explore a tiny slice of nature in the city.  Visitors are encouraged to slow down and look through the scopes to view small surprises and unexpected oddities in the environment that can be easily overlooked, such as a chipmunk home or a collar from a long ago buried beloved pet.  The objects may be found or staged, leaving the viewer joyfully engaged in wondering if it’s real or a trick from the artists.

For the month of August, the artists celebrate TuckUnder Project’s raspberry harvest with homemade raspberry jam hidden in the patch as gifts for visitors to take home.  In addition, magnifying glasses on small tripods will be focusing on even tinier surprises in the yard.



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